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Web and print content writer - health, wellness, and science focus

About Me

I'm a freelance writer with a diverse background in print, online publications, and television. I specialize in health writing, but have a journalism degree and have written on a wide variety of topics in varying formats. Through the years, I’ve worked with academic institutions and companies to assist with their magazine articles, online blogs, social media, and to boost their traditional media exposure. Successful efforts geared towards donors have led to boosting awareness and fundraising. 

I have a TV news background and spent eight years managing new shows, including assignment desks and reporters. In recent years, I have focused on publications - both print and online. This has involved a great deal of SEO writing, managing Facebook pages, and posting across Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. 

When covering any topic, I find research and storytelling to be essential. Tackling medical topics typically involves Pubmed searches, interviewing doctors or researchers and crafting copy that explains information in a way that is both simple to understand but compelling. This may involve personal stories if we can profile patients or interesting facts written in an engaging format. 

I'd be happy to discuss any projects and how to best tell the story you want to share. A variety of work examples are on my LinkedIn page and below: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristindejohn/ 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

Science & Medicine



My Writing Samples

Save Lives. Do No Harm.

I worked closely with Brigham & Women's Hospital researchers and reps to craft an article that would describe their ongoing effort to prevent medical errors. (pg. 12)


Stress: What is it, Signs and Causes

Ro's overview of stress; this is a core articles that is often linked to on Ro's Health Guide website. I've written a variety of Ro's blog posts dealing with stress.


How to relieve stress: proven tips and techniques

This blog article is one of many I've written for Ro that offers actionable advice to readers and links to other blog articles. All are based on Pubmed research and go through a medical review process. Evidence-based facts are critical to this process.


7 Vitamin D deficiency causes

This is one of a series of blog articles I created on vitamins/nutrients. Like others, it was delivered with an A+ Clearscope SEO grade, which is Ro's goal.


An Extraordinary Mission

In this BWH Magazine 'Profile in Medicine' article, we delved into the life of Dr. Joseph Murray who performed the first kidney transplant. This article was well-received by Dr. Murray, BWH, and donors. These articles are meant to inspire donations and this one was of many I have written.


Speeding discoveries with neoadjuvant studies

I've worked with Cancer Discovery - the online publication created by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). Cancer Discovery is aimed at medical professionals and offers oncology news. As a reporter, I set up, interviewed experts, and did basic research to create these articles. See an AACR review on my LinkedIn page.


Residents go through Solarize Harvard program

I've written a number of articles covering the solar industry in Massachusetts.


Electric vehicles in the spotlight

This newspaper article covers an effort in MA to spread the work about electric vehicle technology.


Mind Over Menopause (book ghostwriter)

I worked with the authors to produce this book for Simon & Schuster. I went on to work on manuals and other materials with the authors.


Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause

After seeing the book, the Our Bodies, Ourselves publishers reached out to me to create a chapter for this book, which received recognition among women due to its helpful advice.


Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy & Childbirth

My work with Ourbodies, Ourselves on the menopause book chapter prompted them to ask me to write a chapter for the pregnancy/childbirth book.


Profiles in Medicine: Marshall Wolf (pg. 18)

Dr. Marshall Wolf, a great leader at BWH, was the feature of this Profile in Medicine. I had a chance to interview visionary global medicine leaders Dr. Paul Farmer and Dr. Jim Kim.


Ed Sterling of Bolton is a PC Doctor

I regularly profile people in the tech sector who explain their business and expertise. This was in 2014 when ransomware was not on everyone's minds. The goal was to get the word out and describe his approach.


Mass Camps Blog (free media)

As the blog writer for Empow Studios, a tech education company, I was able to garner a great deal of free media. Earned media can be a great way to profile a business. Due to my background in television news, I often write in a way that can lead to free media coverage, while identifying influencers and leveraging Facebook groups/others. I also provided photography and video for the company's website and blog.


The Teaching Hospital: Brigham and Women's Hospital and the Evolution of Academic Medicine

I worked closely with Brigham & Women's Hospital doctors and staff to create a chapter for this book (pgs. 144-149). This followed an interview with Nobel Prize winner Dr. Joseph Murray, who performed the first kidney transplant. I also interviewed various Brigham physicians, including Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, who performed the nation's first full face transplant. The book has been successful and well-received with good reviews.


10 health benefits of saunas

I regularly provide evidence-based content that outlines the health benefits of different activities. These are Pubmed-driven articles that meet medical review criteria.


Capillus Laser Cap: does it work for hair growth?

If your company's product has evidence to support it, I can craft an article that is geared toward other businesses or consumers. In this case, Capillus has some evidence allowing for an article that offers a thumbs up with a disclaimer that it doesn't work for everyone. Each product is different. However, generally, it's possible to focus on the benefits, especially those backed by research.


Ro bio: Kristin DeJohn

Ro features me as one of their staff writers. I freelance and offer the A+ SEO evidence-based content they request. I work to pack a lot of information in while using simple language. This language and content can also be more complex and geared toward other business or medical professionals. I have plenty of other examples that appeared in magazines and are in PDF format and not online.


Winter weight gain? Find out how cold may be a clue to your metabolic health

Rootine, a company with a new DNA and blood-based tailored vitamin product, noticed my work and has contracted with me to produce weekly blog articles. They hire freelance writers. I don't need healthcare coverage or other benefits. In this article, I combined my knowledge and research into thyroid conditions with that of my vitamin research to craft an article that highlights the need for the product.



Freelance Health Writer

I create SEO-driven (A+) blog content for Ro's Health Guide website that spans a wide range of topics.

Company: Ro (healthcare company)

I worked there from 3/2020 until now

Freelance Health Writer

I'm one of Rootine's freelance writers. This company tailors vitamins using a person's genetics and blood vitamin levels.

Company: Rootine

I worked there from 11/2022 until now

Freelance Newspaper Journalist

I've pitched and written numerous newspaper stories for local publications. Topics range from solar farms and wildlife to girls in STEM and theater productions.

Company: Gatehouse Media/ Other

I worked there from 5/2010 until 4/2021

STEM education writer-blogger

I helped (freelance) this STEM education organization document (photos/video) their STEM offerings to kids. This involved photography, writing articles for their blog and running the group's Facebook page. I also worked to have their articles picked up by local media and other blog sites. This free media helped get the word out about their offerings.

Company: Empow Studios

I worked there from 6/2016 until 9/2020

Freelance writer (healthcare magazine)

I was responsible for writing BWH Magazine's annual Profiles in Medicine feature for the BWH Development Office. This very popular feature helped the hospital raise money and continued annually for more than 10 years. I also wrote about a variety of other healthcare topics for BWH Magazine and the hospital's research magazine BRInk.

Company: Brigham & Women's Magazine

I worked there from 1/2004 until 6/2016

Reporter (freelance)

I was assigned various topics for the AACR's Discovery Magazine which was geared toward other medical professionals.

Company: American Association for Cancer Research (Discovery Magazine - online)

I worked there from 2/2011 until 6/2013

Ghostwriter (books)

I served as the ghostwriter for the Book "Mind Over Menopause." This involved working with authors and HHP to craft and edit the book, which was published by Simon & Schuster. I went on to help ghostwrite books on various medical topics.

Company: Harvard Health Publications

I worked there from 1/2002 until 5/2005

Languages I Write In

Content I Write