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Freelance Writer with Experience in Financial & Creative Writing

About Me

I am a freelance writer with experience in financial and creative writing. If I have the opportunity to work on your project, I can promise two things: 1) I’ve never been afraid of asking questions or heavily researching in order to fully understand a topic, and I will make sure that my knowledge of your project is comprehensive and accurate; 2) I’ve always been an effective communicator, and I can assure you with confidence that the message or idea you wish to promote will come through clearly to the reader, in exactly the way you (and/or I) envision it.

I graduated college with a B.S. in accounting & finance, but after two years of working in the industry I decided to pursue other avenues. I’ve since worked as a concierge at a luxury guest ranch in Wyoming and tried my hand at carpentry and construction. I am currently on a solo backpacking journey around the world, learning countless lessons and experiencing as much of this beautiful planet as I can. Throughout all these jobs and experiences, I’ve maintained a personal journal in which I record my thoughts and insights. I also grew up professionally playing music as a touring artist, which involved constantly writing original songs; I still do so today, taking my guitar with me everywhere.

Whether through technical financial writing, journaling about my life and experiences, songwriting, or now my journey as a freelance writer, effectively expressing every type of idea through writing has been an enormous and ubiquitous part of my life. I would be honored to spend my time working on your project, and I am confident that I will exceed your expectations.

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Learned the fundamentals of the hospitality industry and the inner workings of the ranch, answering any and all questions from guests. Gained experience communicating effectively and navigating occasional conflicts not just with co-workers, but with high-profile guests and customers. Effectively utilized hospitality software (Infor HMS) to facilitate check-ins, check-outs, and many other actions pertaining to guests and their accommodations.

Company: Brush Creek Ranch

I worked there from 12/2021 until 5/2022

Staff Accountant

Specialized in store fixed expenses, working constantly in a group setting with other team members. Analyzed large volumes of invoices and payment transactions in order to organize data and accurately post accrual entries. Took initiative in understanding complex concepts in order to create and implement new processes. Gained valuable time management and organizational experience, effectively managing time in order to meet deadlines in an extremely fast-paced environment.

Company: Kering

I worked there from 3/2021 until 10/2021

Staff Accountant

Completed a wide variety of accounting procedures, including writing and assembling SEC filings, posting journal entries and assembling support, and completing account reconciliations. Specialized in investment and fixed asset management, posting market value adjustment journal entries and completing detailed reconciliations. Constantly worked closely with employees and supervisors, resulting in effective task completion and improved communication skills.

Company: Unity Bank

I worked there from 7/2020 until 3/2021

Violinist & Lead Vocalist

Co-founded a band and established a successful YouTube channel with over 50 million views to brand and create awareness. Performances: Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Fox News, Today Show, Grand Ole Opry (4 times), Carnegie Hall (3 times), Capitol Hill – Congress, NFL Carolina Panthers Pregame Show, Madison Square Garden – NBA New York Knicks Game (2 times), TED Conference – Long Beach California, Omiš Guitar Festival (Croatia), Canyon Partners Hedge Fund.

Company: Sleepy Man

I worked there from 6/2009 until 5/2018

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