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B2B Digital Marketing Copywriter & Voice of Customer (VoC) Research Specialist

About Me

Getting your ideal customer to click, read, and buy starts with good research. And as a digital messaging consultant with an extensive background in conversion copywriting and content marketing, I do exactly that. 

I use copy optimization best practices to persuade your audience to buy. And I use this skill to write data-backed website, email, and eBook copy for B2B marketers in manufacturing, higher education, food and beverage, ecommerce, and hospitality. Some of my clients include ContekPro, Campfire Labs, and KEYLAY Design, among others.
Now, what does that mean for you?  

Each project begins by clearly understanding your target audience and your goals. Then, using voice of customer (VoC) data as part of my process, your copy is written based on real insights, not guesses. Your copy always ties back to those insights and your primary objectives.

Since every project is unique, the rates shown are the minimum amount charged per assignment. Based on the project specifications, these rates are adjusted accordingly. 

Industries I Write About



My Writing Samples

Why Shipping Container Kitchens are Ideal for Caribbean Hotels & Resorts

Hotels, restaurants, and other food service businesses in the Caribbean are always looking for alternative construction methods. This post explains why shipping container kitchens are an ideal, cost-effective solution for this part of the world where materials and transportation are expensive.


Modular Construction: Where Commercial Kitchen Design & Sustainability Meet

Modular construction is still a relatively new concept for hoteliers and restauranteurs who want to upgrade their industrial kitchens. This post helps them see how modular structures use sustainable building practices and materials, which limit the environmental impact of these construction projects.


How Shipping Container Kitchens Help Hotels Seize New Opportunities

The hotel industry continues to recover after a rocky two years of shutdowns and closed borders. Alternative building methods, like modular construction, will help hotels and resorts ramp up for a resurgence in tourism, business travel, and large-scale events. Here's how.


Defense Attorney B2B Outreach Email Series

In the legal field, colleagues often promote their services via word-of-mouth. For this attorney, he wanted to shake things up. As part of an email series targeting defense and claimant attorneys specializing in workplace injuries, each one speaks to the challenges both parties face during negotiations. The emails encouraged recipients to book mediation services after downloading a free tool.


Morehouse School of Medicine Preceptor Program

In the battle to provide medical care to underserved groups, preceptors play an essential role. This brochure shows the benefits physicians and physician assistants joining the Morehouse School of Medicine's Preceptor Program (PALS) can expect as they advance their careers.


Meeting the Demand: Consumer Considerations When Scrutinizing Fats & Oils in Packaged Foods

What makes a customer say "yes" or "no" to certain packaged foods? The decision-making process is immediate and subtle, and this eBook dives into both.



B2B Digital Messaging Consultant

As a conversion copywriter focused on growth, Teni has a mission of helping manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers with a digital presence send a clear message to their customers.

Company: Teni Hallums - B2B Digital Messaging Consultant

I worked there from 8/2018 until now

Content Writer & Strategist

• Developing social media content calendar for inbound marketing campaigns • Writing long-form content about branding, direct marketing, and business • Creating social media strategy for lead generation • Writing print ads, web content, and email campaigns for higher education, healthcare, and law • Managing and editing the work of other freelance copywriters

Company: KEYLAY Design

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

Sr. Designer

• Responsible for creating design layouts online • Working on all aspects of design and production for national and international CPG brands, including mobile apps, websites, and print/web media assets • Creating responsive designs for health and CPG brands • Designing innovative solutions for client business issues • Working with UX and development teams to produce quality, user-focused sites, and applications • Application of updates to existing websites and apps

Company: Rockfish Interactive

I worked there from 1/2013 until 12/2014

Art Director

• Responsible for creating design concepts for nationally recognized home improvement and health and wellness brands • Created and executed multiple social media campaigns and contests to increase engagement • Managed end-to-end design executions and workflow • Worked with domestic and international development teams to produce websites and apps

Company: iCre8t Results

I worked there from 6/2010 until 12/2012

Content I Write