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Happiness through one breath, exercise, and prayer at a time.

About Me

Thanks for taking the time to view my blog! I’ve been in the service industry for over 10 years, and I primarily focus on bartending, wine pairing, and craft cocktails, but I’ve done lateral service in many different areas of service that have added chapters to my career. 

Outside of my job as a bartender, I greatly enjoy reading, writing, boxing, breathing exercises, meditation, and other activities related to health, fitness, spirituality, and longevity. I’ve succeeded and performed well in the service industry by implementing healthy activities daily basis; all of which have kept me injury and pain-free while working my craft behind the bar.

I'm currently bartending for the main bar of the OMNI PGA in Frisco, Texas, and most of my bartending career has been with high-caliber hotel chains such as Marriott International and The Ritz Carlton. I also had the privilege to work for the official bartending team of the Dallas Cowboys at their private club in The Star Center of Frisco, Texas.

Since September 30th of 2022, I’ve lost 35 pounds, and I currently weigh 205 pounds; my goal is to weigh and maintain a weight of 185 pounds. My weight loss has been possible due to proper breathing, meditation, fasting after 7 PM, and other healthy methods that don’t require me to starve myself and are devoid of the delicious food that life has to offer.

My advice and methods can be applied to many people–not only those in the service industry. Whether your job requires you to remain seated for many hours or copious amounts of labor are needed to complete your tasks; there is surely something I can provide that’ll bring tremendous benefit to you.

I also have many methods and practices that have tremendously assisted my marriage, and I’m more than happy to share articles in regard to my experiences–which I hope can be of great assistance to anyone that’s looking to improve their commitment to their significant other. 

Tambien hablo, escribo, y leo en Español. Ingles es mi idioma principal, pero tambien me encanta usar Español. Leyendo libros en Español es algo que hago normalmente, y me gusta tener una rutina donde leo un libro en Ingles y luego cambio la idioma con el siguiente libro siendo en Español. Aplico la misma rutina con mi musica y películas, y tambien tengo un sistema a enseñarles para aprender Ingles y Espanol con menos dificultades. 

Gracias por teniendo el tiempo a visitar mi pagina, y estoy muy excitado a disfrutir todo mi sabiduria, experencias, y intereses con ustedes.

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Antonio Deep Craft

I have multiple posts about advice, formulas, methods, and tips that I use to assist your health and fitness-related goals. You can also find reviews of products and tools that I use that greatly assist me during my exercises and job as a bartender.




I create memorable experiences for our members, the players, and anyone that's associated with the Dallas Cowboys. I have contributed multiple cocktail recipes and operation plans to help our members have memorable experiences and to help our team consistently succeed.

Company: Cowboys Club: Official bartending team of the Dallas Cowboys

I worked there from 8/2022 until 4/2023


Company: Omni PGA Hotel and Resort

I worked there from 4/2023 until now


I created memorable experiences for all of our guests, and I was blessed with the opportunity to help design our cocktail menu.

Company: Ritz Carlton

I worked there from 5/2017 until 1/2020

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