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B2B Content Writer

About Me

Hello, I’m Luccas, a B2B freelance writer. 

My main goal as your writer is to simplify complex topics into easy-to-read, engaging, and pleasant language, allowing your readers to get a grasp of your products or solutions.

Also, I take a step further and deliver value for every single content piece by thinking about how my services will help you achieve your goals.

Industries and niches

My experience focus on B2B audiences, SEO, deeply researched, yet easy-to-read content manly business and technology industry, but I also provide services as a generalist writer. The topics and industries I’ve experience in are:

Tech industry

SaaS, IaaS, PaaS - Agro techs - AI and ML - Cryptos, NFTs, Web3, Blockchain - Cybersecurity and Privacy - Software Development - Cloud Computing - Data Science - Industry 4.0 - DevOps, and more.

Business industry

Startups - Entrepreneurship - Retail - Consumer Services - Consumer Goods - Outsourcing - Offshoring - HR, Staffing, Recruiting - Employment, Careers - Logistics and Supply Chain - Market Research - Sales and E-Commerce - Accounting - Administration - Advertising - Consulting, and more.

As a generalist

Education - E-Learning - Insurance - Advertising - Marketing - Finance - Banking - Investment - Legal / Law - Gaming / Systems - Computer Hardware - Sales.

Why choose me

I'll analyze your audience and buyer persona, research keywords, create editorial calendars, and more.

If you prepared your marketing plan, send me your guidelines with your buyer persona, keywords, marketing funnel or buyer’s journey, and any other requirement to align my writing to your inbound strategy.

Some of my benefits are:

Industries I Write About




My Writing Samples

How to Boost Your SaaS Demo Conversion Rate!

This is a sample aimed for businesses that offers SaaS for their clients. Its main purpose is to teach your persona how to create presentations that maximize their conversion. “SaaS demo” is the focus SEO keyword and every-single one of the steps is thoroughly written to help your reader prepare suitable demonstrations for their clients. Creating guides like this one is great for any company who offers consulting services or solutions for SaaS businesses.


What is e-learning? Read about its types, benefits, and examples!

I’ve prepared this sample for a top-of-funnel marketing strategy (often called awareness stage). The main objective is to create awareness about a product to reach out as relevant and large audience as possible. To accomplish its goals, the content brings basic information about e-learning, such as the concept, types, benefits, etc. But a top-of-funnel post should also make your leads start their buyer journey and move them to the next step. That’s why it’s also relevant to apply the best pract



Here the main focus of this sample is to show the reader what are major differences between SRE and DevOps. This includes what their meaning, similarities, connections, and more. Many people confuses these concepts and don’t exactly how these teams operate differently in the IT department. This sample would be suitable for a business that outsources both type of professionals, clarifying their responsabilities for their potential clients.


Marketing trends: 6 strategies to boost your business

Thanks to my knowledge about marketing (specially inbound) I can also write top-notch pieces about this industry. My sample is a top-of-funnel content for marketing agencies that offers different types of services for their clients. In this content I list and explain 6 of some strategies that are growing and can improve their brand awareness. To prove my point I’v also looked for data in trustworthy sources that shows how these strategies generate results.



Content Writer

Outmarketing is a marketing agency where I produced hundreds of content prices for the technology industry. I worked with a specialized team to produce eBooks, infographics and blog posts that are informative, SEO friendly, and completely original.

Company: Outmarkerting

I worked there from 12/2019 until 1/2022


Rock Content is one of the leading inbound marketing agencies around the world. Here I received formal training and became a certified writer for the company. I’ve worked as a generalist SEO content writer and copywriter, creating blog posts, email marketing, case studies, social calls, eBooks, and more. During my experience I’ve also worked on interviews, briefing creation, social media marketing, journalistic style content, and technical writing.

Company: Rock Content

I worked there from 1/2017 until 12/2021

Content Writer

Writer Access is a content creation platform where I worked as a 5-star SEO writer. Due to the high-ranking of the content I worked on, I had to perform extremely deep researches to find authoritative and relevant sources.

Company: WriterAccess

I worked there from 1/2022 until now

Content I Write