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Talented Freelance Writing Professional

About Me

I'm a talented and versatile writer, proficient in content creation, copywriting, presentation design, creative writing, associated research, and fact-checking. 

I've successfully produced thousands of long-form and short-form articles, expert features, blog posts, and web pages covering a diverse range of subjects. I have more than nine years of experience in writing dynamic, creative copy for magazines and promotional websites. 

In addition, I'm a published author of two novels and a certified direct-response copywriter. I'm an enthusiastic and creative customer-focused writer, adept at details and in producing work to specified deadlines. I have a sharp eye for detail (spelling, grammar, tonality, fact-checking, and audience demographic). 

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My Writing Samples

Dog Separation Anxiety - Using Crates As A Safe Space

This piece explains how dog owners can use a dog crate to create a safe space for their pets, helping to tackle dog separation anxiety.


Why Is My Fish Tank Filter So Loud?

Many hobbyists have problems with loud fish tank filters. This article explains why some filters are intrusively loud and offers practical suggestions on how fish keepers can solve the problem.


Non-Invasive Skin Rejuvenation Options – An Overview

Not everyone wants to undergo invasive surgical procedures to improve their skin. This article provides an overview of non-surgical skin rejuvenation options.


Are Rats Nocturnal?

Pet rat owners want to know whether it's possible to interact with their pets during the daytime or whether their furry friends are only active at night. This article provides readers with a detailed answer to that question.



Freelance Content Writer

For the past 18 months to date, I've worked as a freelance content creation professional for Found First. I've written hundreds of articles relating to keeping dogs and tropical fish, including listicle posts, informative articles, and product reviews.

Company: Found First Marketing

I worked there from / until now

Freelance Content Writer

I've worked for Cain Brands for the last few years, creating blog posts, detailed, informative articles, and product reviews relating to fish keeping.

Company: Cain Brands

I worked there from / until now

Professional Freelance Content Writer

Over the past 9 years, I've worked on contracts producing articles and blog posts for many websites, including: Red Cat Media, E-Dressage, How-To Dressage, Thriving Cougar, Career Addict, Legal Group, Nordic Shift, Fifty, Fit & Fabulous, Viral Solutions, Elite Science, Wilderness, Word Agent, Particular Paws, Guitar Lessons, Crystal Group, Stroller Envy, How To Love My Dog, Aquariadise, Bettasource, Tankarium, Found First Marketing, Copify

Company: Various

I worked there from / until /

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