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Creative Content Writer

About Me

Solomon Hannington is a professional content writer and short story author with more than 10 years of experience. He writes SEO content for professional bloggers and businesses who want to see their Google Page Ranking surge, who want to build an audience and get more paying clients. His focus is on balancing stats, facts, and in-depth research with SEO needs but never at the expense of the reader.

Before he became a digital nomad, Solomon Hannington spent 5 years working as a marketing professional and web developer for web design and SEO companies. As a marketing professional, I helped create techniques and strategies businesses could use to attract more customers, aid in product development, to grow their market share and help maximize their profits. As a web developer, I built mobile responsive websites and blogs that increased a brand’s online presence and increased conversion.

After a successful stint helping various companies to set up websites to generate more leads, and increase traffic, Solomon Hannington decided to become a freelancing SEO content writer.  Over the course of time, he has developed several great and successful posts for my clients.
Not to brag, but he has multiple articles published on popular and authorative websites. As a result, his clients have praised his work as exceptional and have reported a great increase in conversion rates and sales.
If you hire him, you will be assured that every post he produces will have:
-an entertaining and engaging voice
-an eye catching headline
-a compelling introduction
-a descriptive body including examples, links and stats
-an awesome conclusion and call to action for your readers

Solomon also enjoys reading books, listening to music, watching TV shows and movies as well as spending time with his dog, Spike.

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Creative Content Writer

Write advertising copy designed to effectively reach customers in the appropriate target markets to promote products and services. Discuss products and services with clients to learn all the details and specifications to ensure the appropriate advertising methods and themes are used. Create content for internet, publication, and broadcast media using creative concepts. Research what aspects will make products and services more appealing to customers to maximize the number of sales. Communicated

Company: Self

I worked there from 1/2006 until now

Freelance Web Developer

Designed, implemented and monitored web pages and sites for continuous improvement in a fast-paced environment. Implemented Google Campaigns and SEO for various types of websites. Oversaw troubleshooting of technical issues to solve problems within reasonable time frame. Kept abreast of emerging technologies, software and trends and applied them to projects. Utilized programming capabilities in PHP, SQL and JavaScript and other libraries as needed.

Company: Self

I worked there from 1/2006 until now

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