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Brand & Content Strategist for Driven Businesses

About Me

❌Frustrating, isn't it?❌

You've probably invested years into building your own brand, but it is not getting the attention it rightly deserves.

So, to make your brand justice and make your readers addicted, you need memorable content that sounds like YOU. 💡

How I can I help you with that?

I'm Vladi and I help businesses nail their brand voice and increase organic traffic through top-notch articles.

So, if you feel like your copy and articles fall flat and aren't doing your product/service justice...

And if you're want to connect with your ideal audience on a greater level...

Or you need to build your content from scratch...

You're ready for real and authentic copy that glues your audience to the screen and make you look like the expert in your industry.

On top of that, I've worked with multiple brands over the years in the Fitness, Supplements, and SaaS niche.

So if all of the above interests you…I think we’re going in the right direction.

Now, if you're still here, there are a few options to choose from...

👉 DM me

✉️ Email me at vladyslav.kriulin@gmail.com

👉Check my portfolio: https://thefreelancerv.com/

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness



My Writing Samples


This article is about the New Year resolution of wanting to change yourself, both physically and mentally.


VR Revolutionizing Fitness

What can you write about fitness that hasn't already been written a million times? Well, while AI has been initially created for gaming purposes, some people are also using it for fitness with mind-blowing results. The purpose of this blog was to go over VR and how it's changing the fitness industry for good.


Trello vs Asana

More and more businesses do SaaS article writing wrong. They focus too much on the technical aspects at the expenses of the overall user experience, which inevitably tanks their SEO blog efforts. So, the purpose of this article was to find an innovative and interesting way to write a comparison piece.


Will AI Take Your Job?

Differentiating yourself in the tech industry is no walk in the park. That's why I decided to write this article about a trending topic and using strategies that rarely ever get used in this kind of blog posts.



Content Specialist

I've worked with this Marketing Agency for months, and I'm still doing a few occasional gigs for them. I've written articles for them in many different niches but one of the most prevalent was the Automotive one.

Company: Jenka.biz

I worked there from 9/2022 until now

Content Specialist

Outofthe925 is a website that specializes in articles about various social media including Instagram and TikTok. My job was to write engaging articles that were also somewhat of a ''tutorial'' guide for people who weren't too tech-savvy.

Company: OutOfThe925

I worked there from 10/2022 until 12/2022

Content I Write