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Freelance Writer

About Me

Hi, I'm Barbara, the founder and owner of Writing Reservoir and a freelance writer for hire who offers copywriting, content writing, ghostwriting, and blogging services.

I also write my own skincare blog, Skingpin.  

Before becoming an online writer, I was a librarian for a decade, meaning research and content curation are at my very core. I also worked in the hospitality, retail, and software production industries. 

When writing on any topic I make sure I always evaluate and research informational resources. I use strong analytical thinking skills to perform my research for the content I write for my clients.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness



My Writing Samples

Portfolio on my writers website

Portfolio lists some of the published articles and blog posts that I have written. I mostly love to write about CBD, intermittent fasting, skincare, crypto, laywoman’s finances, hiking, and traveling. However, I am always open to exploring other topics as well.


My skin care blog

I write articles with advice and product reviews on numerous skin care topics.



Freelance writer

My own project where I offer services as a freelance writer, whether it be content writing, blogging, ghostwriting, or even speech writing.

Company: Writing Reservoir

I worked there from 10/2022 until now


I write a skincare blog where I review products and offer advice. I dive deep into research and review published studies.

Company: Skingpin

I worked there from 12/2022 until now

Languages I Write In

Content I Write