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About Me

I'm a freelance writer with years of experience building my own WordPress-based content and affiliate sites. I can help with content writing, editing, copywriting, and related tasks.

If you need an experienced content writer for your business, I'm your man!

Industries I Write About

Real Estate


My Writing Samples

How to Replace Rotted Wood Around a Window?

Article about repairing or replacing rotted wood around a windowsill.


How Long Does it Take Quikrete to Dry?How Long Does it Take Quikrete to Dry?

In-depth analysis of quikrete drying and curing, including the factors influencing its dry/cure time.



SEO Writer | Digital Marketer | SEO Blogger

Developed and sold multiple blogs successfully monetized with both affiliate and online advertising. Multiple years of experience building and maintaining WordPress sites, SEO writing, creating affiliate content, copywriting, and keyword research.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 12/2018 until now

Languages I Write In

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