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I write emails that sell things for growing e-commerce brands.

About Me

I'm a digital marketer and copywriter who helps growing e-commerce brands get more traffic, optimize their sales funnels, and increase revenue and profits. 

Over the years, my words have also been used to sell fitness programs, coffee, beef jerky, apparel, nuclear waste, college initiatives, and politicians' dreams. 

While I have a long history of writing for TV, radio, and print, most of my focus these days is helping mid-sized businesses increase revenue through email marketing.  I specialize in:

FUN FACT 1:  I'm a semi-professional musician (electric and double bassist) who plays a variety of musical theater, chamber, and funk gigs..making tens of dollars. 

FUN FACT 2: I'm a professional dog nut. My family and I have three dogs who are my constant studio companions. They are loyal, keep the floor spotless, and are great at staying quiet until I'm on the phone. 

If you're interested in learning more about how I can help your business or why my dogs are so adorable, I'd love to connect. 


Industries I Write About



My Writing Samples

Good Friends Never Say Goodbye

Email sent from the owners of a local coffee shop that was closing down after 30 years due to COVID. We sold more than $2,500 worth of coffee from this email to a lukewarm list of customers who had only received transactional emails up to this point.


Is Your Wi-Fi Okay?

This is the second email in an abandoned cart sequence. Our objective was to test more "direct response" style headlines and content compared to the standard e-comm transactional emails. To date, this email is outperforming the standard email by 275%.


Santa Claus has been training all year but forgot one thing...

Part of a 12 Days of Christmas email sequence for Sheepdog Response, a self-defense training company. I was told the campaign did very well, but no data was shared with me.


K9 Things

A weekly email newsletter to the patrons of NorthPoint Pets. The objective of the email is to educate customers on pet health and drive more foot traffic to the store.


You're Arfsome!

A humorous order confirmation for new customers of the specialty-grade coffee brand Adventure Dog Coffee Co.




I help growing e-commerce brands get more traffic and increase leads with compelling, story-based digital marketing that promotes the mission, not just the gear, of the company.

Company: Ronin Creative Group

I worked there from 3/2018 until now

Manager of Public Information (Emeritus)

Managed the organization's external communications (traditional and digital) program and collaborated with eight public higher education institutions to promote the strategic goals of the Nevada Board of Regents. Developed, implemented, and evaluated the annual communications plan. Served as primary media contact and worked with senior leadership to address sensitive issues.

Company: Nevada System of Higher Education

I worked there from 7/1997 until 3/2018

Communications Director

Led the coordination and implementation of all strategic advertising, public relations, and special events for this nonprofit organization. Managed staff and volunteers in the production of donor communication materials, including print and electronic media. Assigned to work with the U.S. Olympic Committee in 1996 to plan, organize and manage the Olympic Torch Relay in Nevada.

Company: United Way of Southern Nevada

I worked there from 3/1993 until 7/1997

Content I Write