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About Me

A trained writer with a new found love for management. A varied and dynamic experience across industries has imbibed a very open and eager attitude. Capable of planning and managing multiple writing tasks simultaneously across a variety of fields.

Industries I Write About

Pop Culture

Health & Wellness

Real Estate


My Writing Samples

Manvendra Singh Gohil — Gay Prince, LGBTQ Activist and A Necessary Leader

This week I had the amazing honor of interviewing Manvendra Singh Gohil. He is India’s first openly gay prince. The prince was born in Ajmer and hails from the proud Rajpipla royal family.


Dating Apps: Things You Need to Stop Doing Immediately!

How to use dating apps effectively



Copywriter-Editor and Content Manager

Proposal Writing · Project Management · SEO Copywriting · Creative Writing · Editing · Copywriting

Company: YouGov

I worked there from 9/2021 until 1/2023

Freelance Writer

SEO Copywriting · Business Development · Digital Marketing · Copywriting

Company: Gyan Sindhu

I worked there from 7/2021 until 9/2021

Content and Marketing Associate

Content writing · Content Management · Social Media Marketing · SEO Copywriting · Digital Marketing · Copy Editing

Company: LTG Infrastructure Limited

I worked there from 5/2020 until 7/2021

Content and Marketing Associate

SEO Copywriting · Digital Marketing · Copy Editing

Company: Laudco Media

I worked there from 2/2020 until 4/2020

Content I Write