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About Me

Carlie Lawson (Carla Louise Lawson) writes search engine optimized (SEO) content of all lengths typically on topics in business, finance, marketing, and home repair. She spent five years at a mid-sized daily newspaper, beating deadlines on a daily basis while covering politics, sports, and entertainment, then opened a creative agency. Carlie Lawson writes SEO articles and blogs, landing pages, web copy, whitepapers, e-books, and hardcover books. 

Educated at The University of Oklahoma, Lawson holds Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism & Mass Communication, and in Film & Video Studies. She applies her Master's in Regional & City Planning to her consulting work. 

 Her finance and business coverage regularly appear on the Goalry branded sites Loanry, Creditry, Accury, Taxry, Budgetry, Wealthry, and Cashry. Lawson authors two book series for Mason Crest Publishing — "Hip Hop and R&B: Culture, Music & Storytelling" and "Infamous Jailbreaks." The Hip-Hop series explores the multi-faceted careers, marketing messages, and philanthropy of today's major hip-hop and rhythm and blues artists. "Infamous Jailbreaks" delves into some of history's most exciting, daring, and creative escapes from prison and the criminals who perpetrated them. She currently resides in Oklahoma City, OK.

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My Writing Samples

How Does a Nonprofit Organization Measure Success?

Newsletter article for the Houston Chronicle discussing internal comparison, mission-critical objectives, and performance metrics written in a formal business voice.


Do You Need Good Credit To Lease A Car?

A feature-length blog for Creditry on the credit score needed to lease a car written in a friendly, personable voice.


Infamous Jailbreaks

This six-book series examines some of the most famous US jailbreaks. Available in hardcover and e-book, this work of interactive non-fiction combines text, video, full-color photos, black-and-white photos, and maps. The publisher's link provided lets you preview the introduction to each book.


How To Improve The Value Of Your Home

A feature-length blog for Accury on what home improvements net the greatest return on resale written in a direct, but friendly voice.


5 Millennial Investing Apps That Do A Lot With Little Effort

This guide to five popular investing apps targets the Millennial generation, the generation least likely to save and invest money. They love apps though, so this uses that angle to get them interested in saving for their future.


Budgeting Monthly Business Expenses With A FinTech App

Read this feature-length blog to learn how to budget monthly business expenses using a fintech app, such as Workday, OnPlan, and Jirav. I explain what each app does and how to apply its key features effectively.


Creating a Personal Financial Statement Using A Finance App

Similar to the business budgeting app article, this feature explores creating a personal financial statement using a financial app. The article explains using apps such as Mobills, Every Dollar, Clarity Money, and Spendee to create your personal financial statement.



Owner/Lead Writer

Author marketing plans. Create marketing strategies. Research and author search engine optimized (SEO) content that earns page one on the SERP. Create communicative editorial graphics.

Company: Powell Lawson Creatives

I worked there from 1/2006 until now

Contract Author

Research and author edutainment non-fiction for young adults. Authored nine books in the series "Hip-Hop & R&B Culture, Music, and Storytelling." Authored six books in the series "Infamous Jailbreaks."

Company: Mason Crest Publishing

I worked there from 11/2018 until now

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