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About Me

Born and raised in Texas, I have always been an analytic and pursuer of perfection. I graduated highschool at the age of 16, and went on to get Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Masters degree in Cybersecurity, all while completing a very rewarding career in the U.S. Air Force. Having retired in 2022, I am Chasing my other dreams, which include freelance writing, woodworking, and scuba diving.

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My Writing Samples

Cyber Crimes: Malware and Industry

With the invention and instantiation of computer networks and the Internet, many criminals have turned to computer-based attacks, which make it possible for them to conduct their activities from home. This paper discusses a few cyber crime cases that have occurred over the last decade, including an insider threat, international fraud, and corporate espionage.



Cyberspace Operations Officer

Company: U.S. Air Force

I worked there from 3/2002 until 4/2022

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