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About Me

Hi, I'm John 

My goal is to see your brand grow through great content. People relate to emotion, so, I always make sure to give content flavor and character. You can expect to have outstanding and well-optimized articles and blogs that will boost your brand's image. What more can you expect?

Vision: To be the best copywriter to help your business grow exponentially 

Mission: To provide excellent customer satisfaction through high-quality content 

I write for various niches including

Do you want an exceptional copy? I’m sure you do. Let’s talk about your project’s needs and how you want it done. I guarantee you an honest and competent writer at your disposal.

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Real Estate

My Writing Samples

Quick Guide to SaaS Collaborative Software For Business

This article seeks to help businesses understand the benefits of using SaaS collaborative software. It also lists some of the best collaborative software in the market today


2022’s Best Online Casino Games

This listicle is in the sports niche. Many people love to play online casino games instead of visiting the actual place. The article lists some of the most popular casino games today


Cryptocurrency Burning: What is It and How Does It Work?

Many people still don't understand cryptocurrency, therefore, the concept of cryptocurrency burning can be confusing. This article explains what cryptocurrency burning is and how it works


What Causes Inflation and Who Gains From It

I wrote this article to explain in a simple way which factors cause inflation as well as who benefits when inflation rises



Content Writer

I have worked as a content writer for various clients in different niches including SaaS, tech, sports, pets, and more.

Company: Upwork

I worked there from 6/2019 until now

Content Writer

I have delivered both short and long-form articles on cryptocurrency and mining for Bitcoin Africa Ltd for one year. Throug the company I also wrote several articles on crypto gambling for 1xBit. I worked with a team of editors and uploaded all finalized articles on the company’s WordPress website. I provided fully optimized articles with a high conversion rate using Yoast. I have always been on time and communicated efficiently

Company: Bitcoin Africa Ltd

I worked there from 11/2021 until 8/2022


I ensured the delivery of fully optimized content and always hit my targets I worked closely with a team of editors to ensure that the content met the intended purpose Articles and blogs were always unplagiarized, well-researched, and compelling. Was always prompt in communication

Company: PureLinq

I worked there from 12/2021 until 9/2022

Content I Write