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About Me

I'm a somewhat recent Ball State graduate that enjoys writing in an array of prompts and roles. If it's for marketing content generation, SEO editing, blog, research or personal experience; if it uses the written word, i'm confident in my abilities. I'll include a link to my portfolio below, reach out for any inquires there or on this site. 

Industries I Write About


Pop Culture


My Writing Samples

College News

A news article I wrote in college while hanging out with nice folks in the nonprofit sector. InformMuncie had a pretty strict policy about 'evergreen' articles so its purpose is more to make locals aware of the food resource in their community.


Research paper

--If it doesn't link to the specific paper, it will be the one labeled: "Media Law Research Paper"-- This was one of the better research papers I did, although I'm sure you can point out some inconsistencies in formatting and topic length, and above all provides a good sample into my style of writing and comprehension levels for researching.



Shirt Prodcution

My time here included the maintenance and upkeep of a t-shirt print shop, packaging, logistical work, and the maintenance and operation of printing screens via use of chemicals. Developed skills included logistical work, the operations of a small business, fulfilling orders on a client-need basis, and working independently for prolonged periods of time.

Company: Cool Cayenne

I worked there from 8/2019 until 8/2022


The Virginia Ball Center for Creative Inquiry, or VBC for short, selects students across disciplines every semester to solve issues the Muncie community is facing. My time there saw the creation of InformMuncie: a community-focused, independently run, multimedia journalism platform that seeks to give voice to the unheard people of a community. Within this project, I was a part of the business team, where I oversaw the development of the business outline and entire collective document, everythi

Company: InformMuncie

I worked there from 1/2021 until 12/2021

Content I Write