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Freelance Writer | Emergency Medicine | Mental Healthcare

About Me

Hello! I'm a freelance writer who specializes in healthcare-related content. I've worked with editors for some of the largest EMS related magazines, including EMS World Magazine and Firehouse Magazine. I have real life experience providing emergency care, interacting with people struggling addiction and substance abuse, and helping those with mental health struggles. 

Healthcare topics I've covered: 

  1. Emergency care/first aid/Ambulance-related topics
  2. Mental health care (Crisis intervention, co-responder programs)
  3. Substance abuse management (Post overdose response teams, safe sites) 
  4. Care for the homeless (tiered response, alternative destinations) 
  5. Healthcare Education 

In addition to writing about healthcare/EMS topics, I also write about Home Improvement and DIY topics. While I specialize in healthcare and ambulance related topics, I'm a go-getter who's not afraid to tackle new topics. I've written for construction tech companies, neurosurgical sites, and travel magazines. I enjoy collaborating with clients and researching new topics!

I love writing. I believe that written communication is the most powerful form of human expression. I find people are still moved to action by carefully crafted words. I believe businesses, non-profits, and individuals who harness the raw power of written communication can make a nice splash in whichever river upon which they travel. 

Throughout my writing career, here are some of the people I've worked with:  

  1.  Marketing directors at B2B tech companies (EMS software and construction technology) 
  2.  Business owners in need of B2C website content (DIY How-to blog posts, product overviews, question and answers)
  3.  Editors at print and digital magazines 
  4. SaaS companies 
  5. Tech companies 

Here are some of the skills I bring to the table: 

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me.  I'd love to learn more about you. I'm always interested in finding out what makes my clients' tick. Please, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

Thanks again. 

Gideon M. Zielinski 

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine


My Writing Samples

Don't Undervalue Your Lifesaving Skills

Feature article for Firehouse Magazine. I submitted to editor at Firehouse and worked with him to develop the article further. Performed several rounds of edits, and the article successfully passed a board review. Article was featured in June 2022 of Firehouse's online catalog.


Time to Improvise: Five EMS Airway Equipment Hacks

Feature article for EMS World Magazine. Article was submitted to the editor of the magazine and accepted. The article passed a medical-board review, and was published in the print magazine (Jan 2022) and online.


The Paramedic Path

Feature article for TOS magazine. Submitted idea to editor and worked with them to develop the topic for their audience. Article was published in their Summer 2022 print magazine.


Mental Health and Substance Abuse Content

I've researched and developed topics that highlight the need for better mental healthcare for communities. Here are a few more links to my work on this subject: https://www.julota.com/news/should-ems-lead-the-way-for-mental-health-calls/ https://www.julota.com/news/community-paramedicine-and-harm-reduction-for-substance-abuse/ https://www.julota.com/news/the-impact-of-community-paramedicine-on-the-homeless-population/


DIY and Construction

DIY and Home Improvement Topics




Writing for both online and print, I specialize in blog posts, feature articles, product reviews/overviews, and informational/question-and-answer styles work. I also understand how to maintain an email list. I understand how my content fits into a broader marketing plan.

Company: Gideon Zielinski Writing Services

I worked there from 1/2019 until now

Nationally Registered Paramedic

Hold state licensure and national certification as a paramedic. Worked 911 calls, critical care transport, community paramedicine, and as a field training officer.


I worked there from 5/2017 until now

Writer and Content Contributor

Research and provide content ideas related to community health and mobile integrated healthcare. Topics I write about: - Community Paramedicine - Mental Health Care - Response to substance abuse - Co-responder programs - Providing Care to the Homeless - And more This company delivers an integrated software to companies who provide community healthcare.

Company: Julota

I worked there from 4/2021 until now

Contributor to EMS World Magazine

Worked with editor to develop and article on emergency airway care. Article was published in their print and digital magazine in January of 2022.

Company: EMS World

I worked there from / until /

Contributor to Firehouse Magazine

Developed content about the importance of primary first aid skills. Worked with the editor to revise the content to meet their needs. Article was board-reviewed and published in the Summer of 2022.

Company: Firehouse

I worked there from / until /

Freelance Writer for TOS Magazine

Pitched the company an article topic and worked with the editor to hone it down to better target their readership. Article was published in their national and international print magazine in the summer of 2022.

Company: TOS Magazine

I worked there from / until /

Feature Writer

Pitched the editor an article on primitive first aid skills. Provided pictures and delivered a polished piece. The article was published in June of 2022 and appeared on newsstands around the world.

Company: The Backwoodsman Magazine

I worked there from / until /

Content I Write