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About Me

Hi, my name is Wessel. I'm a young man from the Netherlands who's interested in a lot of things. My English is fine. I used to go to an international school and talk English all day long. Now i'm in high school and just trying to make an extra income out of writing. 

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Pop Culture

Real Estate

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Why I like music

It's a passion of mine to produce music, as it allows me to explore new ideas and express myself creatively. It also gives me an opportunity to feel proud of what I've created. I enjoy working with other musicians and developing unique and original pieces.


why I like the stock market.

The stock market provides me with an opportunity to participate in various industries and companies, and I'm interested in making a profit from my investment. I'm also attracted to the opportunity to diversify my investments, as well as spread my risk across multiple asset classes. The stock market allows me to monitor the performance of companies and keep up with the economy. Finally, it allows me to actively manage my portfolio.



music producer

I used to make music and sell those tracks to people all around my city. It paid quite well until I stopped making music because I got to busy.

Company: own name

I worked there from 1/ until now

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