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Mission-driven freelance writer | Message crafter | Systems thinking facilitator | Word-choosing wizard | Amplifying impact through thoughtful strategy, relatable storytelling, and the power of well-crafted words.

About Me

I bring a diverse background of education and experiences to amplify the impact of organizations, books, and brands making a difference. Equipped with professional writing training, a degree in psychology, and a master’s in public policy, I specialize in synthesizing data and big ideas into bite-sized, approachable insights and stories that audiences can connect with.  As a values-driven person, I only work with brands and missions I can get behind. This standard is personally important to me. And it also allows me to channel my passion, making me more effective in my work for my clients.

Now more than ever, leaders need efficiency. Imagine if you had someone who takes all your collateral and crafts powerful messaging materials for all of your external and internal communications, from blogs to internal guidance on talking points. Not only that, you can call on them when you need a research-driven report for a new program or product. And when you're ready to write that book or you’re asked to be a keynote speaker, you have a partner who is familiar with your mission, your work, and your voice to ghostwrite with you.

As you know, airtight consistency across all channels matters when it comes to establishing trust in your brand and engaging your audience.

You don't need four different contractors for four different writing jobs. Hiring someone with versatility makes your life and logistics infinitely easier. Invest in that extra bandwidth for the other important things on your plate.

My clients come to me when they need someone who can:

1) articulate their expertise in a way that makes them go “YES! Why didn’t I think to say it that way?! That's exactly it!” I engage their audience and capture their tone.

2) compile and synthesize research that demonstrates the importance of their work and communicate it to a variety of audiences.

3) act as a strategic thought partner and reliable collaborator.

4) respond to the needs of their dynamic environment.

I love making life easier for my clients. I provide a stellar and efficiently-delivered final product. But more than that, I offer peace of mind in the process that their mission and message is in good hands. I can’t wait to learn more about yours. 

Industries I Write About




My Writing Samples

Early Childhood Transitions (pgs. 30-49)

Pages 30-49 provide research foundations and a policy advocacy platform focused on strengthening the early childhood education system to better facilitate smooth transitions to K-12.


Listening, Learning, Making Change

Kids’ Food Basket Stakeholder Report outlining findings from listening sessions and organizational responses to better serve the community into the future.


11 Captivating Diverse Books According to a 10 Year Old

I asked my daughter for her top 10 favorite books. We wrestled her list of 20 down to 11. (They were all just too good.)


Strategies to Address Unfinished Learning

School districts and educators faced major challenges to instructional delivery during the pandemic. Students now face the challenge of unfinished learning as a result. The Education Trust identified several research-based strategies to support students in achieving grade-level mastery and more.



Freelance Writer and Facilitator

Providing a variety of writing services and systems thinking facilitation to mid-sized and large organizations.

Company: Hayley Butler LLC

I worked there from 10/2020 until now

Data and Policy Analyst

Analyzed and synthesized data to evaluate education policy and provide recommendations for future advocacy Produces reports, policy briefs, and memoranda for a variety of audiences. Assisted in the development and implementation of systems and processes to improve efficiency.

Company: The Education Trust Midwest

I worked there from 6/2021 until 5/2022

Content I Write