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About Me

Daniel Owen am a highly skilled and experienced content writer with a passion for crafting engaging and compelling written content. My expertise includes writing for a variety of formats, including blog posts, articles, web copy, and social media content.

I possess a strong understanding of SEO best practices and am able to optimize my writing for search engines, helping to increase visibility and drive traffic to your website. I am also well-versed in various industries and am able to research and write on a wide range of topics.

Not only that, but I am a highly skilled communicator and am able to work closely with clients and team members to understand their needs and goals and produce content that aligns with their vision. I am also a dedicated and deadline-driven individual and am able to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

In addition to my writing skills, I am also a proficient editor and am able to review and edit content to ensure that it is error-free and grammatically sound.

Industries I Write About





Health & Wellness

Pop Culture

Real Estate



Law & Politics

Science & Medicine


Content Writer

Responsible for creating and managing website content, blog posts, and social media posts Utilise SEO best practices to increase website traffic Collaborate with design and marketing teams to ensure cohesive branding and messaging Develop and implement content strategy for company's social media platforms

Company: Zevate.com

I worked there from 3/2018 until 2/2020

Content Writer

Created and edited product descriptions, website copy, and blog posts Assisted in the development and implementation of content strategy Worked closely with the design team to ensure visual and written content aligned

Company: Verblio

I worked there from 5/2020 until 7/2022