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Copywriter & Editor

About Me

Hi there 👋 

I'm Nathalie, a copywriter, writer, and editor with a bachelor's degree in creative writing and 1.5 years of experience as a copywriter. If you're looking for a strong voice, creative spin, and fast delivery on your copy, then I'm your gal. I've previously worked with companies specializing in sustainability, coffee, and functional mushrooms to name a few, but I'm always open to learning about new areas and industries! I have a nose for research with a curious mind to go with it, and an understanding of both SEO and content strategy.

On top of my experience as a digital copywriter, I have deep knowledge of the publishing industry and experience writing scripts, fiction, and poetry, as well as proofreading and editing at all stages of the process. If you're looking for help with long-form copy, a script, or a fiction manuscript, don't hesitate to reach out – I'd love to see if we're a good match.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

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Health & Wellness

Pop Culture

My Writing Samples

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

This SEO-formatted, how-to guide on how to make cold brew coffee at home was written for coffee lovers, detailing the benefits of cold brew coffee and a step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect cold brew. Written for a coffee company to boost its organic online presence.


Essentials for a Zero Waste Bathroom – How to Get Started

This SEO-formatted blog post is a buyer's guide for people just starting out on their zero-waste journey. Written for a sustainability-focused e-commerce shop to boost their organic leads and encourage sales.


Hearing Voices? Fear Not, Writer.

This award-winning article was written for writers and artists, to help them overcome imposter syndrome and bring more joy into their creative lives.


How To Fall Asleep After Drinking Coffee – 8 Easy Tips & Tricks

This blog post was written to boost the SEO of a coffee company's website. The post had over 10 000 views and ranked well in search, with concrete, well-researched tips to overcome insomnia related to caffeine and coffee.


Medicinal Mushroom Research: Webpage

This webpage was written to establish the credibility and authority of a functional coffee company's website, making them a trusted resource on functional mushrooms in its community. The SEO-formatted webpage includes over 70 research studies detailing the proven benefits of functional mushrooms, with an easy guide to understanding their various benefits.


The Truth About Cotton – How Sustainable Is It?

This blog was written for an e-commerce store within the sustainability niche, to boost SEO and organic leads. Well-researched and high-performing, it dives into the cotton industry and its impact on the environment, to help customers make better choices when buying cotton products.




As a freelance copywriter, I have worked with brands like Lochtree and Peak State Coffee to boost their SEO, grow their credibility and authority online, and generate sales through organic search. I am now open to new clients and would love to connect with you!

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 8/2021 until now

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