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Storyteller extraordinaire

About Me

I am a storyteller by nature — which means understanding what makes you (and your brand) tick is what fuels me. 

Equally at home uncovering the origin stories of nonprofit- and for-profit businesses, I pride myself on digging into the seemingly disparate details and crafting compelling, cohesive copy in line with your mission and objectives.

The best collaborations arise from combining our respective strengths and talents; let's connect!

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My Writing Samples

Lail Ceramics: All Fired Up

Brad Lail was 14 years old when he threw his first pot. Following his parents' breakup, his father-himself an accomplished potter-enrolled the family in a wheel-throwing class aimed at creating cohesion among the now fractured unit.


Keeping the Circle Small

Living in Sandisfield goes hand-in-hand with keeping one’s circle small. Neighbors are spread sparsely across its 53 square miles—the largest by land area of any Berkshire town, and eighth largest in the state—where privacy borders on isolation. Residing here full-time as I have for the past 17 years is a commitment often synonymous with an intentional way of life—one Alex Bowman and Jess Cofrin embraced three years ago when they first viewed the scant 14 acres they now call home.


A Taste of Scotland Distilled in Dutchess County

The Dyson Family has long had their sights set on producing a world-class single malt whisky, and Wassaic’s Tenmile Distillery evolved as a means of achieving their goal. In a nod to their own heritage, owner-partners Eliza Dyson, Joel LeVangia, and John Dyson commissioned a traditional Scottish style distillery—complete with mash tun, wash still, and spirit still from Forsyths in Rothes, Scotland—all of which was carefully placed inside a 100-year-old dairy barn on Sinpatch Road...


How to Make Half Cover it All: Transitioning to a Single-Parent Salary

It was my financial fears that kept me tethered to a miserable marriage, long after it had become unfulfilling. I felt immobilized: I wanted out, but I seriously doubted I could make things work on a single (not to mention paltry, part-time) income. But fast-forward two decades, and thanks to the incredible gift of hindsight, I now know that transitioning to a single-parent salary is possible—and it's not even that painful.


Teen Farming Feeds the Needy

Four years ago, at her first summer job, Brennah Brickle spent the early weeks hunched over rows of pea plants, picking and eating overly ripe pods that had split open. She fashioned tent-like supports of sticks tied with twine for the pole beans to climb. She spread nutrient-dense mulch at the base of both crops.


The Evolution of Guido's Fresh Marketplace

n the beginning, brothers Chris and Matt Masiero were simply fruit and produce vendors. Three times each week, in the wee hours of the morning, Matt drove the brothers’ truck east to the New England Produce Center in Chelsea where he stocked up on fresh produce to sell at their humble roadside stand on Route 7. The brothers’ premiere partner was their father, Guido, who — three mornings each week — drove from his home in Manchester-by-the-Sea to the Boston Pier.


How to Use Life Insurance to Build Wealth

I first dipped my toe in the proverbial life insurance waters when I was 27. My then-husband and I were newly married (without kids) and building a house. When someone offered the sage advice that we purchase a pair of term life insurance policies, ensuring peace of mind and a guaranteed death benefit should one of us die within the 30-year term of our mortgage, we dutifully obeyed. The process was easy, and our rationale was simple.



Freelance storyteller

I have been telling stories for close to seven years spanning nonprofit and for-profit sectors on topics ranging from parenting and finance to food and farming — plus a myriad of others in between.

Company: self-employed

I worked there from 5/2016 until now

Academic tutor and writing coach

Drawing on my deep experience in education (gleaned over a decade teaching English to high school students in public and private high schools), I supported students with learning differences in arenas from reading and writing to organization and executive functioning.

Company: Kenefick Center for Learning

I worked there from 10/2011 until 7/2021

English teacher

I worked with students in grades 9-12, at a private co-educational boarding school, in small settings teaching American, British and World Literature.

Company: Berkshire School

I worked there from 8/2000 until 7/2003

English teacher

I put my undergraduate degree to use teaching English (American, British and AP Literature) to students in grades 9-12 at varying ability levels.

Company: Monument Mountain Regional High School

I worked there from 8/2003 until 6/2009

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