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About Me

Hi, I’m Amie, a business, health, and wellness writer from Minnesota. I went to film school where I studied screenwriting. By making films I learned how to tell a story and how to make powerful personal connections with an audience. My favorite aspect of creating is making people ask “What happens next?”

My work has been featured on several of the top finance and business sites in the country, including All Things Health, Credit Karma, Business Insider, Bankrate, Rocket Mortgage, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Quicken Loans, and The Balance.

I’ve worked in PR and marketing for almost four years. I’m driven to help companies get their products and services out to the people that need them.  

Writing has been a part of every aspect of my academic and professional life. I’m also an editor and proofreader who is focused on the little details. Hire me today, and together, we'll take your entrepreural vision to the next level.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness



My Writing Samples

A Grownup Guide to Applying Sunscreen

A marketing article for one of my clients


What Are The Signs Of Early Menopause?

Part of a marketing project for one of my clients in the medical industry


What Is The Blood Type Diet?

One of my works covering nutrition



Content Writer

• Web Content Writing • Copywriting • Blogging

Company: Amie Kelbing Content Writing LLC

I worked there from / until now


Assigning and editing pieces from staff writers and freelancers for The Wildest, an online publication for millennial pet parents.

Company: The Wildest Kinship (Part time)

I worked there from / until now

Marketing Strategist

Managed all activities pertaining to brand management, print design, long document production, design updates, and project management. I was responsible for designing all printed materials, including print and banner ads, wall cling, newspaper ads, flyers, and handouts. I also led design updates to modernize the branded marketing and esthetics, including a new color scheme and typography.

Company: TAG, Thousand Oaks

I worked there from 2/2000 until 5/2016

Content I Write