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Copywriter and Content writer

About Me

I am a web and SEO copywriter with 3 years of experience creating long-form content and website copy, and skill in editing images and videos. My writing strives to inform and engage, while also urging the reader to act. This includes articles, blogs, landing pages, product pages and marketing copy for B2C and B2B websites. With a varied work history across various industries, including travel, education, career advice, CBD and cannabis, fashion, jewellery, B2B entrepreneurship, digital marketing and e-commerce, I bring versatility and creativity to every piece of copy I write.

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My Writing Samples

All You Need To Know About 12 Major Types Of Industries

In this article, I elaborate on the three major classifications of industries, differentiate industry from a sector and list 12 significant industries in India.


Our Process

Process page for Sound CBD


5 Proven Benefits of a Remote Workforce

Uncovering the astounding benefits of a remote workforce to show you why this change is for the better for any organization.


Booking The Right Hotel Is A Precise Craft. Learn It Right Here.

Taking a look at some of the fundamental questions you should ask before you book a hotel for your upcoming trip.


Can Guys Be Flyers In Cheerleading? Know From A Cheerleader

Are there any male cheerleaders? Answering the question and clearing up some related misconceptions in cheerleading.


Top 10 B2B Social Media Trends of 2021

In this article, we shall go over some top B2B social media trends today that are going to continue to dominate the social networking space.


My Portfolio

Some of my best and most recent works.




● Produced long-form copy of 1000-2000 words (15,000-20,000 words per month) ● Created articles, blogs and landing pages in niches like travel, health, digital marketing, insurance, money management, immigration, lifestyle, hemp, entrepreneurship, D2C ● Implemented keyword research and SEO tactics and tactfully placed the CTA within the content ● Used Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Small SEO tools, Power Thesaurus, and Hemingway App to polish the content before submitting

Company: Wordsmith

I worked there from 4/2021 until 12/2021

Creative Writer

● Brainstormed ideas in a team of 6 to 10 writers and decided on a particular content plan and format ● Crafted creative pieces on monthly themes that engage the readers ● Found appropriate images that complement the content ● Followed specific instructions from the editor to further polish each piece before publishing

Company: The Night Owl

I worked there from 2/2021 until 10/2021

Freelance Content Writer

● Researched given topic in the digital marketing and B2B niche ● Integrated keywords, provided necessary links and cited sources ● Made necessary revisions according to the client's needs

Company: Individual Clients

I worked there from 12/2020 until 4/2021

Web Content Writer

● Wrote informative articles and affiliate marketing content on different aspects of cheerleading ● Created product descriptions and reviews on cheerleading gear and other sports-related items

Company: GoCheerleading

I worked there from 1/2021 until 3/2021

Content Writing Intern

● Used Google Trends to research trending topics ● Wrote well-crafted articles and optimized them within WordPress using SEO recommendations ● Revised according to the supervisor's guidelines

Company: Techquila

I worked there from 6/2019 until 8/2019


● Understood the unique needs of clients, in terms of target audience, tone and use of language, across various industries including, fashion, jewelry, luxury items, automobile, hemp and cannabis ● Created copy for homepages, about pages, FAQ sections, category & sub-category, product pages, blogs, guest posts and other informational pages

Company: Coalition Technologies

I worked there from 2/2022 until 5/2022


● Writing 1500-word articles for Indeed career guides pages for the Indian market (approximately 5-6 articles per week) ● Generating helpful information for job seekers regarding resumes, cover letters, finding a job, interview process, starting a job, salary, skills, and career development ● Following Indeed’s detailed formatting and SEO guidelines

Company: CopyPress

I worked there from 10/2021 until now

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