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About Me


My name is Zachary and I’m passionate about Writing, Art, Travelling and Outdoor life. Since childhood I’ve been artistic in nature. My artistic side has led me outdoors, where I found my second passion : Rock Climbing. I currently have a website where I sell my art. I have a second company where I sell Rock Climbing training equipements. I love to Write articles or review about nature, outdoor sports, and I’m passionate about helping others

 I’ve started copywriting/content writing not long ago and love it! I really wish that the people I’ll be able to work with will give me the opportunity to grow as human being and in my Copywriting Carreer! 

I’m at the NASM school to become a Personnal Trainer and help everyone who wants to make a big change in their lives.  

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

As humans

A little text about our realities.


Hypnotic Blog

I created this blog simply to express my thoughts to the world! Creation of my endless imagination




I created a climbing training equipment company and we create hangboards for strenghtening your finger’s tendon and ligaments. It’s 100% handmade. https://hypnotic.dev/

Company: Hypnotic

I worked there from 11/2022 until now


Seller of original art pieces done by myself through my own website. https://www.rozah.art/

Company: ROZAH

I worked there from 8/2022 until now

Receptionist and Maintenance

I work as a receptionist and I’m i charge of the maintenance in a climbing gym in Montreal.

Company: Zero-Gravity

I worked there from 10/2022 until now

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