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I am a quick employee with incorporated functions in writing and translation. I can work for lengthy hours without taking breaks and may manipulate a couple of duties in an unmarried day. I am assured that I can do lots of factors with my skills. I am surprisingly proficient in Arabic language and feature knowledge in English, legal translation, arbitration, and conflict of laws. Try me and you'll be inspired by it

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Law & Politics

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The arts refers to the theory, human application and physical expression of creativity found in human cultures and societies through skills and imagination in order to produce objects, environments and experiences. Major constituents of the arts include visual arts (including architecture, ceramics, drawing, film making, painting, photography, and sculpting), literary arts (including fiction, drama, poetry, and prose), performing arts (including dance, music, and theater), and culinary arts (inc




Law studies prepare students for a wide range of careers, including practicing law, working in government or public service, corporate law, and legal research and education. Graduates with a law degree or legal studies background are highly sought after in a variety of industries and fields, as their skills and knowledge are applicable to many areas of business and society.

Company: Helwan law street

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