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About Me

As a digital strategist, website designer, copywriter, and SEO editor, I've worked with clients across a range of industries.  All the usual buzzwords apply: lead generation, finding the TOV, building brand awareness, driving traffic, SEO optimization, you name it. 

The value of great copy and content is often underestimated today. Paying bottom dollar and spamming out AI-generated guff won't get you sustainable results. Neither will those glaring syntactical errors on your website that are scaring off new users. No matter what form it takes (slogan, long-form, emails, social media, etc.), I always create engaging, digestible copy at a speedy rate. Ultimately, my layered marketing experience has given me an understanding of how each thread should be woven in the tapestry.

Industries I Write About




Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

The Healing Power of Gratitude

Written for a mediation app.


Starting a personal trainer business

Written for a booking software website.


How Shame Feed's Addiction Blog

Ghost written for a private rehabilitation center.


Best Pottery Classes in London Blog

Written for an online course provider.


Six Incredible Benefits of Walking in Nature

Written for a meditation app.


Click Bait or Quality?

Written as a commissioned writer on Memod.


Top 5 Best Yoga Business Plan Templates To Help You Kick Start Your Business In 2023

Written for a booking software provider.


Top 8 Best Payroll Software For Accountants In 2023

Written for a SAAS company.


Why mental rest is essential for our well-being

Ghost Written for an addiction center.


How to Remain Sober During the Holidays

Ghost written for an addiction center.



Content Writer

Producing SEO-friendly, high-quality content in the form of blogs. Aside from SEO, this long-form content is chiefly designed to maximize and sustain engagement. The unique subject of each blog was written about with care in order to promote lead generation from target demographics. Many of the blogs I've written for Obby are number 1 in the Google search rankings after searching for the target keywords.

Company: Obby - Rethink Learning · Freelance

I worked there from 1/2020 until now


Creanto was founded with one goal in mind: to offer a comprehensive digital marketing service to startups and SMEs. Of course, we’re driven, dedicated, and determined, but our unique selling point is our commitment to creativity. With so many cookie-cutter solutions available today, this trait is hard to come by. True creativity can’t be bought nor learned in a few months—it is a process that takes a lifetime to refine. Data-driven actions and trusted frameworks are always necessary, but so are

Company: Creanto

I worked there from 1/2023 until now

Lead Content Writer and Editor

Honest Growth is a growth marketing solution that provides startups with the means to achieve rapid growth through digital marketing. As the lead content writer and editor, I am responsible for ensuring all content is engaging, SEO optimized and aimed at the client’s target audience.

Company: Honest Growth · Freelance

I worked there from 6/2020 until 5/2022

Digital Statergist

Implementing an effective digital strategy to attract users to the Envol app via an engaging online presence. So far the work I've done has been in preparation for the launch of their new website. This includes UI design, content strategy/management/writing, and SEO.

Company: Envol

I worked there from 3/ until /2022

Content Writer

Chiefly responsible for the bulk of ongoing copy work, including the majority of product categories. Creating, restructuring, editing a variety of different blog posts. Closely communicating with the MIST team about potential directions for new SEO content. Introducing new strategies for SEO content in order to boost traffic to the site and increase revenue. Ensuring all copy and content meet SEO requirements. All the articles and blogs I have written for MIST have performed well in Google.

Company: Mist E Liquid - Freelance

I worked there from / until /

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