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Technical B2B Blog Writer / Ghostwriter

About Me

Hi there! I'm Hannah Hottenstein – and I'm obsessed with all things technical writing and UX design. I'm driven by research and curiosity. I love impactful work, especially bringing value and meaning to folks' lives. I genuinely enjoy making complex topics accessible.

Here's a question: When did you last think about your company's blog's actual (not perceived) impact on your business?

As a freelance technical writer, it's my job to think about that every day. I craft technical blog posts for B2C, B2B, and SaaS companies. My goal is to provide content that converts by distilling complex topics into easy-to-understand language. Since 2020, I've been the point person for several Fortune 500 companies as their technical blog ghostwriter. My job is to ensure the knowledge they're trying to convey lands with their audience and doesn't turn them away. 

Since I started out as a solopreneur, my biggest accomplishments have been:

Before this role, I was a jack-of-all-trades, and I spent roughly 10 years building my knowledge and skills for precisely this purpose—to help my clients reach their content goals. This extensive and varied work in my past resulted in a curious and adventurous mindset. 

In a nutshell, I love trying new things and am always up for a challenge. Professionally, I'm motivated by meaning, movement, and monetary fairness. You wouldn't believe me if I wasn't honest about the last part! I enjoy doing significant, impactful work while being able to take care of myself financially. 

After hours, I recharge by working on my art projects or watching mini-documentaries on YT. What I appreciate about my work is being able to pursue both my personal goals and professional passions with equal energy and time – honestly, I think it makes me a better creator than most. I won't compromise my needs or those of my clients. This balanced viewpoint and practice mean I can bring my best self to every project I work on.

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My Writing Samples

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Technical Ghostwriter

• Creating content, copy, and documentation for small businesses, higher education institutions, and news outlets. • Writing substantive content or copywriting pieces on client-directed topics such as cybersecurity, tech, finance, and more. • Client recognition for attention to detail, straightforward writing style and advanced research capabilities.

Company: ClearVoice

I worked there from /2021 until now

Freelance B2B B2C Content Writer

• Crafting technical blog posts for CEOs and B2C and B2B company blogs. • Creating content that converts by distilling topics into easy-to-understand language.

Company: Hannah Hottenstein

I worked there from /2020 until now

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