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Experienced Content Writer

About Me

I am an experienced writer who is dedicated to creating effective and informative business stories. In my projects, I offer value by tailoring each story to a specific objective. As a writer, I am available for articles, blog posts, and other long-form content. My focus is on business and corporate writing, but I can write for a variety of industries.

My professional life has three distinct components—with my passion for language as the common theme. 

• As a writer: I explore language, literature, and contemporary culture in my personal writing.
• As an editor: I focus on narrative non-fiction, fiction, and academic writing. 
• As an instructor: I teach business professionals, non-native speakers, and university students.

I am always happy to talk and learn more about your goals before starting a project. Understanding your needs and tailoring my writing for those needs is a fundamental part of the process.

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My Writing Samples

Personal Portfolio

My personal portfolio of essays about writing, travel, and literature. For my non-public work, please contact me directly for more information.



Essay Writer

Each week I publish two new essays of approximately 1000 words—with language, literature, and contemporary culture the primary subjects that drive my writing. These weekly essays are read in more than one hundred countries, and my readers include journalists, university professors, company executives, professional writers, and those who simply enjoy original writing. Open rates are consistently 40 percent, and subscriptions have grown 15 percent per month since 2021.

Company: Desk Notes

I worked there from 9/2020 until now

Book Writer

Methodology Is Not Enough is a book about one of the largest business transformations in Brazil. It is the result of more than seventy in-depth interviews, and describes a corporate transformation in a 200 page narrative.

Company: Methodology Is Not Enough: How a Culture is Transformed

I worked there from 9/2019 until 5/2020

Public Lectures

Lectures about how the tools of journalism and fiction can be used to tell better business stories. Each lecture focused on the techniques needed to tell powerful, emotive, and informative stories.

Company: Narrative for Business

I worked there from 5/2019 until 5/2019

Strategic Relationship & Intelligence Manager

Founded in 1984, Market News International is an accredited news agency with twelve international bureaus. Managed all North America relationships; led strategic development for North America.

Company: Market News International

I worked there from 3/2007 until 1/2016

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