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Copywriter with extensive marketing experience.

About Me

As a freelance writer with years of experience, I have a strong foundation in creating marketing and copy content across multiple industries. My portfolio includes work for companies and organizations like Sideshow Inc, Nexon Games, National Cannabis Industry Association, WhedonCon, and Geek Girls Society, where I honed my skills in adapting to different audiences and mediums. 

My own blog focused on social media marketing and brand building has also kept me up-to-date on the latest trends and strategies in the field. Additionally, I have created content for a diverse range of industries, including entertainment, business, law, utilities, cannabis, restaurants, retail, health, fitness, self-help, and personal growth. 

I have extensive experience in the geek culture industry, covering IPs like Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and much more, as well as overriding concepts in geek culture like the fandom phenomenon, building communities in fandom, geek culture as a reflection of society and current events, and other related concepts and themes.

I have experience with and can write about parenting issues, relationships, personal growth, LGBTQ+ issues, Autism, mental health, pets, and travel.

This wide-ranging experience has enabled me to craft effective and compelling content that achieves results for my clients. My strong project management skills, including deadline-driven copywriting and top-notch communication with clients, make me a reliable and effective freelance writer for any organization. 

Industries I Write About


Pop Culture


Health & Wellness

My Writing Samples

A​gile vs. Waterfall: Choosing the Right Project Management Methodology for Your Business

SEO blog post for Project Management company.


Navigating the Landscape of Cybersecurity Vendors

Pitched the concept and wrote SEO blog post for an IT security company.


Online Surveys vs. Phone Surveys: Which is Better for Your Business?

Pitched and SEO blog post to client and delivered article using research from their website and other sources.


10 Essential Project Management Principles for a Successful Team

SEO blog post for a Project Management company.


Keeping it Real on Social Media: Finding the Sweet Spot Between Being Perfect and Being Yourself

In this blog post, I explore the important topic of authenticity versus perfection on social media. As a social media director with years of experience, I draw on my expertise to provide a nuanced and balanced perspective on this complex issue. I delve into the pressures of presenting a perfect image on social media, the importance of vulnerability in building trust and connection, and the value of authenticity for brand building.


T​he Power of Community: How Fostering a Sense of Belonging Can Boost Your Brand's Success

In this LinkedIn article, I explore the power of community and how fostering a sense of belonging can boost engagement and drive business growth. Drawing on my experience as a social media director, I provide practical tips and advice for businesses looking to create authentic connections with their audiences.


The Top 5 Spots for Dancing in Driving Distance of Houston

T​his SEO article for a car dealership in Houston, TX was written for the keywords "Houston TX" and "dancing"


How to Stay Active While Working From Home: Tips and Ideas

This is a blog post that focuses on SEO using the keywords "working from home," "health," and "fitness." The post provides tips and advice on how to prioritize your health and fitness while working from home, with the aim of targeting readers who are interested in staying healthy and productive while working remotely


The Importance of Sleep Health: Tips for Better Sleep Habits and Quality

This is an SEO-optimized blog post that highlights the importance of sleep health and provides tips for improving sleep habits and quality. By using targeted keywords like "sleep health," "sleep quality," and "better sleep habits," the post aims to rank higher in search engine results for people searching for information on how to improve their sleep.


Top 10 Health and Wellness Benefits of Practicing Yoga

This is an SEO-driven blog post that explores the health and wellness benefits of practicing yoga. By targeting keywords such as "yoga benefits," "health and wellness benefits of yoga," and "yoga for stress relief," the post aims to rank higher in search engine results for people looking to improve their physical and mental health with yoga.


10 Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Monthly Bills: Tips for Lowering Your Monthly Expenses

This is an SEO-driven blog post that offers practical and effective ways to save money on monthly bills. By targeting keywords such as "save money on monthly bills," "money-saving tips," and "budgeting and finance," the post aims to rank higher in search engine results for people looking to lower their monthly expenses.


How to Build and Manage a Remote Team for Your Business

This is an SEO-driven blog post that provides practical tips and strategies for building and managing a successful remote team for your business. By targeting keywords such as "remote team management," "building a remote team," and "virtual team collaboration," the post aims to rank higher in search engine results for business owners and managers looking to expand their remote workforce.


How to Travel on a Budget: Tips for Affordable and Memorable Trips

This is an SEO-driven blog post that provides practical tips and strategies for traveling on a budget. By targeting keywords such as "budget travel tips," "affordable travel ideas," and "cheap travel destinations," the post aims to rank higher in search engine results for travelers looking to save money on their next trip.


The Top Online Learning Platforms for Students and Professionals

This is an SEO-driven blog post that provides an overview of the top online learning platforms for students and professionals. By targeting keywords such as "online learning platforms," "e-learning platforms," and "online education," the post aims to rank higher in search engine results for individuals looking for remote and distance learning options.


Twitter Posts for Financial Planner

A list of 30 Twitter posts over 30 days to promote a financial planning brand's expertise, with an emphasis on sharing financial education and promoting specific services. Goals: Increase brand awareness, showcase financial expertise, promote financial services Content Pillars: Financial Education, Expertise Showcase, Brand Promotion with CTA


Can You Walk On Saturn’s Rings?

Ghostwriting blog post for science website. Client provided just the title and a request to provide resource links.



Manager, Social Media Marketing

Developed social media marketing strategies, brand voice, content and copy to increase brand awareness, drive follower growth, and engagement for video game titles and corporate accounts at Nexon America.

Company: Nexon Games

I worked there from 11/2022 until now

Senior Social Media Manager

Oversaw the overall social media strategies for Sideshow and related brands, managing over 45 accounts with different tones, markets, and goals. Duties included setting brand voice and tone, creating content and writing copy.

Company: Sideshow Collectibles

I worked there from 9/2018 until 11/2022

Freelance Social Media Manager

Manage social media strategy and execution for clients in the US and abroad, including conducting analysis, developing strategies, setting brand voice and tone, writing content and social media copy. Industries included law, cannabis, entertainment, wellness, marketing, food, travel, psychology, utilities, esports, real estate and finance.

Company: Autumn Glading Consulting

I worked there from 2/2012 until 9/2018

Content I Write