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About Me

Meet Dorcas, a passionate writer and graduate in Communications. I specialize in content writing and I do not just create content, I deliver well explained answers. 

I believe in writing authoritatively to win leads and ensure your audience takes an action at the end of writing. I am always happy to help and boost my client's success rate and that is what I intend to do with your content. 

I will write all your articles, press releases, and blog posts.

Industries I Write About

Real Estate


Pop Culture

My Writing Samples

why is Lex Luger in a Wheelchair

This is one of the posts I did ghostwrite when working for OFW. The aim was to show why Lex Luger is a wheelchair user. My approach was to introduce the subject so that the audience understood who the person is and explain how they ended up in the chair.



Another one of my ghost writing pieces for OFW Media. This one needed to show readers the meaning of scooter lights flashing. my approach was to show the reader that I have had their issue before and solved it to show my expertise. I then highlighted what the flashing lights meant and how to solve each light sequence issue.



This is a post I did ghost write for an independent contractor for a Canadian based real estate firm in Edmonton. The aim was to educate Edmonton home owners on what a property assessment is and how it is carried out in the city. Moreover, I highlighted in detail what affects the assessment to ensure they understood the process.



content writer and researcher

I held a content writer and researcher position in OFW Media from May 2022 up to January 2023. Over the tenure, I wrote 50+ blogposts for various websites the agency was working for. My biggest moments at the agency was seeing the websites metrics rise over time. Moreover, my submissions often sparked comments from the readers, saying how great the content was. One comment said, " the writer took their time to get this question answered. I have searched for a definitive answer for months."

Company: OFW Media Group

I worked there from 5/2022 until 1/2023

Content I Write