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Content Writer & Copywriter | SEO Expert

About Me

After ten years as a communication and public relations executive, I left the corporate world a few years ago to pursue my passion for SEO and copywriting.

I'm dedicated to helping business owners and content creators rank better on Google with SEO content writing. I excel in finding the right keywords and writing copy that meets SEO requirements to get them on that coveted first page of the search results. 

I have worked with over 70 businesses and agency clients and have extensive experience writing engaging blogging and website content.

Although my niche is all things SEO, I also enjoy creating all types of copy, from blog posts and website copy to landing and sales pages to email sequences or social media posts. 

I also love all things productivity & personal development and occasionally write about it over on Medium.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

Real Estate



My Writing Samples

Companies That Innovate Through Recessions are the Most Valuable

This article I wrote for a client is timely as it's about how innovation is key to creating a recession-proof business that can grow and prosper in any economic condition. It highlights how businesses must be flexible and adaptable to change, diversify their customer base, expand into new markets, increase sales to existing customers, and continuously develop new ideas and products.


How to Create a Secure Collaboration Portal Using No-Code Tools

This article is another great B2B example of how no-code tools are changing how people build digital products. It explains how these solutions allow anyone to create sophisticated applications and websites without needing expensive developers or coding skills. The no-code movement is gaining momentum as more people realize these powerful tools' potential, so look out for even more exciting developments in the near future!


Is Parkinson’s an Auto-Immune Disease?

This is a great example of a more complex subject that required research and linking to appropriate sources.



Freelance Content Writer & Copywriter | SEO Expert

Help business owners rank better on google with SEO content audits and SEO copywriting. I find the right keywords and write copy that meets SEO requirements to get clients on that coveted first page of the search results. I offer all types of copy, including landing pages, email sequences and newsletters, and ad copy. Website SEO content audits are also possible, where I help you get quick wins with simple tweaks and updates to current articles to help them rank better and faster.

Company: TgR Agency

I worked there from 4/2020 until now

Content I Write