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Jack of all trades, master of some

About Me

Hello! My name is Rose, and I'm from Lansing, Michigan. I've been freelancing for almost three years full time, and have written on a wide variety of topics in the meantime. I am an extremely thorough researcher, and if I'm not familiar with a topic, I'll learn about it. My favorite topics to write about are beauty, fashion, skincare, and anything relating to psychology. 

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Real Estate



Health & Wellness

Pop Culture

My Writing Samples

How To Reach Targeted Audiences Through Social Media Advertising And Drive More Sales to an Online S

This article explains how to best reach your targeted audiences when advertising through social media.


5 Ways Boomers are Out of Touch With Today's World

This is a humorous article on the 5 ways boomers can be out of touch with today's world.


Let's compare Liquid Blush Types!

This short article compares the different types of liquid blush available, and the different skin types they work better for.




I started freelance writing in June 2020 with no experience, and in this time I have worked on quite a few platforms to build up my experience. UpWork, Textbroker, Verblio, Steady Content, and Constant Content, to name a few. These experiences made me a very flexible writer, and a quick, thorough researcher. You don't get to pick what subjects are available to you, so you have to adapt to get consistent work. If I don't know something, I'll take my time and learn about it.

Company: Multiple Platforms

I worked there from 6/2020 until now

Content I Write


Good Prices, Good Work, Fast

Rose had good prices, good work, and a fast delivery. Not much else to say, as those are the qualities I look for.

Alicia Salonk, Myself