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Real Estate Writer

About Me

Hello, I'm a real estate agent dealing with buying, selling, and renting properties such as land, buildings, and homes.  I'm very passionate about my work and love to write about it. Aside from it, I also love weightlifting, full body workout, fitness lifestyle, keto diet and weight loss. If you are keen on these topics, pick me!  

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Real Estate

Health & Wellness


My Writing Samples

Fully Furnished Subsale House for Sale

If you are looking for a complete well-established house with excellent amenities and existing neighbourhood, subsale house is for you. Morever, the price is negotiable as opposed to new property price. Best known as no risk of non-completion and can move in immediately. Get your dream home with price lower than new homes often located in established neighbourhood with excellent infrastructure and amenities.


Buying and Rent Out Property

Buying and rent out property is one of the best strategy to make monthly passive income! You dont even have to use your own money to pay your loan. Instead, use other people's money to pay for you! Here's how:- You buy -you rent out - use tenant's money to shower the bank until the loan is settled. Grow your wealth thru rental!


Beautiful plants combination called dish garden

People love to have indoor plants in their home. Not only it purifies the air, it also creates ambiance in your living room. Houseplants are very friendly and healthy and your house loves to be surrounded by blossom plants. Personally, I love indoor plants too. But my most favorite part is dish garden - a combination of variety of plants to be planted in one pot or container. Dish garden is the most charming and exotic plant ever design. I had made a simple dish garden for fun. Just to polish


Indoor plants

Indoor plants are so beautiful to admire. They also purify the air in your house. Putting green plants in your house give good therapy that creates peaceful mind. Here are indoor plants samples from Google images.



Real Estate Negotiator

I'm a licensed and certified agent who represents buyers and sellers with the process of buying, renting and selling properties. In addition, I also do real estate market analysis and to search open listings and find properties. In terms of marketing, I have created promotional work through social media to attract potential clients.

Company: IQI Realty Sdn Bhd

I worked there from 2/ until now

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