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UI/UX Designer, Content Writer, Web developer, Digital Marketing, Ghost writing

About Me

UX designer with (5+ years experience in Graphics design and content writing) and 3+ years of experience and specialization in complex user experience design. Achieved a 15% increase in user satisfaction and a 20% increase in conversions through the creation of interactively tested, data-driven, and user-centered design. Looking to leverage my skills to bring monetized improvements to my employer (s) as UX Designer. A Product designer with a high degree of technical knowledge balanced with creative ability available to work on products that meet client’s needs and also keep the user experience top of mind.
Ui/UX designer, a passionate learner, and always ready to work with a team or research alone. 

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Real Estate

My Writing Samples

Starting and Scaling your Business : The Best Solution for Growing your Business in 2023

Starting and scaling a startup business is a challenging and rewarding journey. It requires hard work, dedication, and a willingness to take risks and face challenges head-on. As Jack and his team learned, success is not just about making money, but also about staying true to one's values and creating a positive impact in the world. By building a business that was committed to healthy eating and sustainability, they were able to make a difference in the lives of their customers and in the broad



UX Designer

-Modify and revise existing product design to meet users needs -Perform research on existing products -Employ design concepts into functional prototypes -Suggest improvements to design and performance to product engineers -Present product ideas to relevant team members for brainstorming and ideation -Create design concepts and drawings to determine the best product

Company: Jivmol Nig Ltd

I worked there from 11/ until 5/

Graphics Designer

-Study design brief and discuss requirements -translate design needs into creative designs -Develop a wide range of graphics and layout for product illustrations, company’s logo and website with graphics softwares -Reviewing final layouts -Suggesting improvements where applicable

Company: Jivmol Nig Ltd

I worked there from 7/ until 8/

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