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Just a guy who wants to prove that getting help online these days is worth it!

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Starting A New Hobby: What My Research Shows And How to Demote Your Inner Critic

Disclaimer: I haven’t done any formal research on this (or any) subject. You will find no evidence of systematic investigation or academic rigor here, other than that achieved by watching YouTube and Instagram for a whole lot of hours. Nevertheless, I’m super stoked to share with you what happened when my role at work got eliminated last fall and why each of us deserves to spend at least some of our time doing a thing we really enjoy.


Honesty Is More Powerful Than Positivity

Star Wars Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, garnered mixed reviews from audiences, but the most powerful reaction may have come from Mark Hamill, the actor who has portrayed Luke Skywalker since the original Star Wars release in 1977. Hamill lamented that his character originally stood for hope, but had transformed from an idealistic Jedi into a cranky recluse by the time of the sequel.



Public Relations and Content Manager

As a PR (public relations) manager, my main role is to create and maintain a positive image of the company or organization I work for. Here are some of the tasks I may be responsible for: Developing and implementing a PR strategy, Media relations, Crisis management, Brand management, Monitoring and analysis, Internal communications. Overall, my job as a PR manager is to help build and maintain a positive image for the company and its brand in the eyes of the public.

Company: Raiffeisenbank

I worked there from 2/2012 until now

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