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The best in all I do

About Me

Hi, My names are Nwachinemerem Princess Ndubuisi. I'm from the eastern part of Nigeria, a country in West Africa. I am a freelancer, a writer, data entry analyst, copy and paste,and pdf converter. I write proposals, novels, educative books and many more. There's nothing about writing that I don't know how to do. That's because I am good in writing, and it's also part of my hobbies. I tend to deliver the best to my clients, in whatever I do.

Industries I Write About

Real Estate



My Writing Samples

The Fictional Character I Identify Most With

The fictional character I identify the most with is Oliver Twist. Oliver Twist is a character in Charles Dickson titled 'Oliver Twist'. I was hooked with the character, most importantly his charisma. Despite the difficulties he found himself, it didn't compromise his values. He fought till the end and never gave up. He never allowed himself, to join the bad force because of his difficulties. And all those really paid off at the end. That gave me hope, that I will also make it to the end




I was a primary school teacher. My duty was to teach and help the students in whatever difficulties they find themselves.

Company: True Vine School

I worked there from 9/2018 until 8/2019

Production worker

I was working in the production section. Our job is too produce the flat woods, and to make sure they are all equal.

Company: Orbit Plywood Industry

I worked there from 10/2019 until 2/2020


I arrange the rooms of my masters, wash the plates, do their laundries, go to market to get foodstuffs, sweep the whole the house, keep the home neat and cook for them.

Company: Quantum Steel Mill Company

I worked there from 3/2020 until 4/2020

High School Teacher

My duty was to educate them, be like a friend, share their worries, and also to guide them well.

Company: Presgoth Exceeding Grace High School

I worked there from 1/2021 until 8/2021


I was taught how to make pastries, cakes, breads, snacks and everything that has to do with baking.

Company: Evelyn Ojei Training Center

I worked there from 1/2022 until 5/2022


My duty was to record all the information of whatever is going on in the foundation, and also to fill the necessary information of the people that came learn skills or acquisition.

Company: Evelyn Ojei Foundation

I worked there from 9/2022 until 3/2023

Writer, Freelancer, Data Analysis, Pdf Converter

My jobs are copy and paste, data entry analyst, resume and proposal writing, voice assistant, pdf converter and so much more

Company: Upwork

I worked there from 1/2021 until now

Content I Write