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Freelance Writer, Consultant & Author

About Me

I am a professional writer with 20+ years of experience in child health, education/training, hospitality, business operations, and psychology. My resume is diverse and includes work as a consultant, freelance writer, instructional designer, editor, publisher, and Chief Operating Officer. I enjoy writing about both familiar and new topics, and I strive to provide polished content that meets each assignment's unique needs.

Industries I Write About



Health & Wellness


Real Estate



My Writing Samples

Best Cheap Car Insurance in Pennsylvania for 2023

This client assignment required analysis of state-specific auto insurance rate by category.


Behavior Problems

This article is the first part of a contracted assignment for HighReach Learning.


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

This is one of the many articles I wrote for Healthy Childcare on health and behavioral topics in the childcare setting. Other topics include first aid, CPR, osteoporosis, thyroid health, toy safety, oral health topics, and working while pregnant.


The Benefits of ProWritingAid

Along with creating blog posts and business content, I write product reviews. This is one of several tools I assessed.


Regional Initiatives Offer Practical Advice for Future Programs

While working for the American Academy of Pediatrics, I crafted articles for the Healthy Child Care America newsletter. This article incorporated input from multiple program coordinators.


Alternative Solutions for Managing Behavioral Disorders

I wrote this article while serving as Editor-in-Chief for CYKE, Inc. It is one of many articles in my portfolio with a mental health focus.


The Sapphire Goodbye

I received an Honorable Mention for this short story.


Make a Lasting First Impression

This blog post highlights the benefits of forming a self-publishing business. Included is information on LLCs versus sole proprietorships, as well as tax and naming considerations.


Press Release - GDPR Webinar

One of many press releases drafted during my tenure as COO. This one focuses on a new GDPR training.


Press Release - Hotel Partnership Announcement

A press release announcing the formation of a new business partnership.


First Aid Training

A review of first aid basics and tips for addressing emergencies in children with special needs.


Nutrition and Oral Health

This article addresses the importance of caring for teeth in young children.


Socialization and Its Effects on Early Childhood

This research article for HighReach Learning discusses the psychology of socialization and its developmental influences.



Freelance Writer & Consultant

As a sole proprietor, I manage all aspects of this business. including web development, legal/financial tasks, and sales. My concentration is freelance writing and web content, and I bring to my work SEO knowledge and a background in publications development and busines communications.

Company: Content Visionary

I worked there from 7/2006 until now


Through this business, I write and create print and online publications. My book, The Prescott Diaries, is currently available through Amazon and B&N Press.

Company: Just Write Press, LLC

I worked there from 1/2023 until now

Chief Operating Officer

In my role as COO, I managed developers, instructional designers, and customer success staff. I also oversaw company operations and weighed in on human resources tasks such as job descriptions, org charts, hiring, and terminations. Prior to my promotion to this role, I helped create and revise online training while coordinating all facets of project management and the development lifecycle.

Company: Venza Learning Solutions

I worked there from 5/2016 until 1/2020


In this role, I oversaw all web production and content creation for the business. This included developing wireframes, creating grant proposals and business contracts, writing online content and articles, and facilitating agile timelines to ensure successful completion. I also trained clients on online content management systems and web development procedures, using technical manuals and online help screens I created.

Company: CYKE, Inc.

I worked there from 12/2002 until 4/2005

Publications Specialist

I coordinated the production of division and department materials, including their design, layout, modification, production, and dissemination. I also worked with relevant committees, members, and organizations to review and recommend publications. Additional responsibilities included editing quarterly newsletters and compendia, developing bimonthly writing and editing seminars for staff, and helping to develop grant applications.

Company: American Academy of Pediatrics

I worked there from 11/2020 until 8/2002

Content I Write