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Hello to all the high performance clients, I'm a freelance content writer winning the heart of readers with my creative style of writing. It all started back in grade IX when I found how my essays were different and English was the subject where I scored the highest. Its mere syntax and grammar, writing is an expression-a form of portraying self to the world with words, be it personally passionate or precisely professionally, I enjoy all sort of writings. English as a language, I seek my inspiration from historical Great Britain to the latest happenings. And yes, my English idol is Peter Drury ! 

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Annapurna Circuit Trailer

' The Annapurna Circuit', they call it the trekker's heaven for a reason.Its a 160 kilometres journey that we started from waterfalls and bamboo forests taking our escape to the kingdoms behind Himalayas before wondering through the terrain where nothing dares to grow. We started our journey from 800 metres above the sea level to the long punishing 5416 metres.Its at the laps of Annapurna Range where I will find myself far from the proximity of my comfort zone, challenging myself to continue.



QA Websites

Revamping the websites of British schools.

Company: Upwork

I worked there from 6/2022 until 7/2022

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