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Hephzibah Onafadeji, a law graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University, has recently set out to begin teaching people the ins and outs of real estate. After spending years studying the legal framework surrounding buying and selling properties, she is now taking the knowledge she has acquired and sharing it with the public. This has been part of her passion for many years, as she truly believes in helping people understand the complexities of what a confusing area of law can otherwise be. 

Whether it's getting to grips with the rules around leasehold and freehold property or understanding the legalities of estate planning, Hephzibah Onafadeji is committed to helping people understand the legal implications of real estate dealing. She is also passionate about teaching people the practical skills required for successful property transactions. 

Rather than simply giving a lecture on the theoretical elements of real estate, Hephzibah Onafadeji also offers her students hands-on experience. This often includes something like a "Fieldtrip" to a local real estate office, giving students a first-hand look at the day-to-day operations of the industry. She believes that allowing her students to see the real world in action gives them a better understanding.

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Hephzibah Onafadeji has earned a reputation as a reliable real estate sales marketer for Atlantic Homes in Lekki, Nigeria over the last two years. She has developed a detailed understanding of local real estate markets and the needs of local buyers and sellers. Hephzibah is known for her excellent customer service, time management, and creative problem-solving skills. She regularly identifies potential growth opportunities within the market and works with clients.

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