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About Me

I am pursuing a Digital Production and Storytelling bachelor, with a profound passion for the art of writing. I have honed my skills through rigorous academic coursework and consistently achieved outstanding results in both creative and academic writing courses. I possess a keen eye for detail and a methodical approach to crafting captivating narratives while effectively conveying ideas.

Beyond my academic pursuits, I have garnered valuable experience in guiding and assisting students in their essay writing skills. I have leveraged my writing expertise to provide tutoring services, empowering students to refine their essays and enhance their written communication skills. Through this experience, I have cultivated a deep understanding of the nuances and techniques required to create impactful written content.

With a strong foundation in writing and a genuine dedication to fostering growth in others, I am poised to contribute my professional writing skills and mentoring abilities to any writing-focused role. I also devote my free time to creative writing. It is a passion that allows me to explore my imagination and further refine my writing skills. Engaging in creative writing tasks nurtures my ability to craft captivating stories, develop unique characters, and employ literary techniques to evoke emotions and captivate readers. 

By choosing me, you will gain a versatile and proficient writer who can deliver engaging content, meet deadlines with precision, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Together, we can create impactful written pieces that captivate readers and achieve your desired goals.

Industries I Write About

Pop Culture



Real Estate

My Writing Samples


For my writing sample, I undertook an intriguing assignment that delved into the formalist directing style of renowned filmmaker Ingmar Bergman in his film "Persona." In this analysis, I explored how Bergman employed various film techniques to convey his artistic vision and create a distinctive cinematic experience.


Alice Walker’s Everyday Use Through a “Womanist” Lens

In my upcoming writing sample, I undertake a compelling analysis of Alice Walker's renowned short story, "Everyday Use," from the perspective of womanism. This unique lens enables me to delve deep into the narrative, unraveling its intricate layers and examining the story's themes, characters, and symbolism through the experiences of Black women.


Should Sound Grace LLC use market development as a growth strategy to expand the business from Dubai

In my next writing sample, I undertake a comprehensive examination of whether Sound Grace LLC should adopt market development as a growth strategy to expand its business from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and potentially the wider Gulf region in the future.




Ostaz is a reputable tutoring company committed to empowering students and fostering academic excellence. With a strong focus on personalized learning, Ostaz offers a wide range of educational services designed to cater to students' individual needs and goals. Whether it's enhancing subject-specific knowledge, developing critical thinking skills, or improving writing abilities, Ostaz provides a supportive and nurturing environment for students to thrive which I have been honored to partake in.

Company: Ostaz tutoring platform

I worked there from /2022 until now

Content I Write