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30-year Marketing Exec with Extensive Brand Creation Experience

About Me

I am a marketing and communications professional with 30 years of experience. I have created dozens of brands as the in-house creative guru while building companies in Russia since 1994. When the war started, I removed my family from Russia. A writer-for-life with at least 10 unfinished novels on five different computers, when COVID hit, I self-published two books on Amazon and have become an active political and life essayist on Medium.  

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Bruce Concert in London Launches the Next Chapter of My Life

This is about a recent Bruce concert I attended in London's Hyde Park.


Let's Get Metaphysical, Physical

This article focuses on the lack of understanding by metaverse developers of the rights of the user and her relationship with an avatar she has created in a virtual setting.


Is Booking.com’s New Feature Face Control?

Booking has always been there for me, and even when I have had to reach out for help, they have helped. They always seemed on my side, even when I double-booked and forgot to cancel one of the rooms. However, someone has decided that Booking.com needed to either catch up with the times or become a bit more controlling than is necessary for weary travelers.


Can a ‘Moneyball Strategy’ Help You Grow Your Business?

The data is there, folks. It always comes down to letting trained analysts sift through it to help you grow your business. Everything you need to know to overcome growth doldrums is locked away in your computers. Saying, “Ah, we got a good handle on our data collection,” is not the same as actually using it. Unlock it, get into and grow your business.



VP of Marketing

Led the company in all marketing and PR activities. My work directly led to a successful Series A investment raise of $7.8. Within the first month, I joined the company rebranded, and renamed it. I also set up a website, determined company product offerings, and established a pricing system. The company is creating a metaverse platform for business.

Company: Mytaverse (Miami)--business metaverse platform

I worked there from 5/2021 until 6/2022

Head of IR and Voice

I was hired by the former owner of the Brooklyn Nets to help raise money for his unique virtual music world. Sensorium is a full-immersed metaverse where DJs perform live shows. In my role, I was responsible for leading the company to investor meetings in New York, London, San Francisco, Davos, and Singapore. $100 million was raised for the project.

Company: Sensorium (Moscow)

I worked there from 7/2019 until 4/2021

Head of IR and Communications

In my role, I was responsible for all PR and communications both inside of Russia as well as internationally. The company decided to do an IPO and I was tasked with creating a bridge of trust to the company--being in Russia, this was always a problem; and, I was tasked with creating the narrative to help the company get not just an e-commerce valuation but also a tech one--we got it. I led 6 road shows and took part in 580 investor meetings.

Company: Ulmart (St. Petersburg, Russia)--leading e-commerce platform with sales at nearly $2 billion

I worked there from 9/2012 until 5/2019

Head of Customer Service

Company: Mvideo (Based in Moscow, all Russia)

I worked there from 8/2008 until 6/2012

Creative Director

Led a team of 40 and in many ways built a substantial part of today's Russian market: FMCG, banks, gas and oil, PSAs, tolerance campaigns, telecommunications, alcohol and so much more.

Company: SPN Ogilvy Communications

I worked there from 4/2005 until 5/2008

Chief Marketing Officer

Company: Bridgetown Foods (Russia,Kazakhstan and Ukraine)-leading salted snack manufacturer

I worked there from 7/2002 until 3/2005

Chief Marketing Officer

Helped launch a brewery in St. Petersburg, Russia. I was tasked with building the marketing department and creating the brand. I came up with a beer brand that would be voted one of the top 5 Russian brands in the post-Soviet era. The brand was purchased by Heineken two years after we launched for $440 million.

Company: Bravo International

I worked there from 6/1998 until 6/2002

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